My entrepreneurial and business-minded journey got started fairly early compared to most. When I was just 6 or 7, I was knocking on doors to sell popcorn. Shortly thereafter, I set up a table in my parents from yard to sell lemonade and Pokemon cards to passing cars - few people needed what I was selling but respected the hustle enough to do an exchange.

Fishing, surfing, and music have always been a huge part of my life so it didn't take long after high school to start the first venture that peaked those interests - Tails Casual Outfitters was put together in 2014. What started as an idea between a couple friends quickly turned into my playground into the world of online marketing. Shortly after learning about Facebook advertising, WearTails.com had over 750 college applicants to be brand reps and orders for thousands of dollars of sunglasses, watches, and shirts. View the last marketing campaign for Tails Casual Outfitters.

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technical skills

Being a jack of all trades is often-times frowned upon. I think that's how people become deadly weapons. Successful entreprenuers surround themselves with those who meet their shortcomings, but the true game-changers are first capable of all the jobs they outsource. Here's the list of my top skills:

Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Marketing Automation
Email Marketing
Content Marketing
Business Strategy

my companies


Like my father, mother, and brother before me I attended Florida State University, studying real estate & entrepreneurship during the Jameis Winston era and graduating in 2017.

After college, I back packed Europe for 40 days with my girlfriend and then was accepted to study disruptive strategy at Harvard Business School Online which I decided not to attend to pursue real world experience.

Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
Bachelor of Science in Real Estate, Minor in Entrepreneurship
Edgewater High School / Valencia Community College, Orlando, FL
Engineering, Science, & Technology Magnet + Dual Enrollment College Courses

March 2019 - Present
Founder, Set Show Sold Orlando, FL

Set Show Sold is a turn-key solution to increasing car dealership's inbound lead count and conversion rate by leveraging social networks, AI, and cloud-based computing for a responsive and engaging customer journey.

August 2018
Author, Be Everywhere with Facebook Ads Orlando, FL

In the beginning, we wasted a TON of dollars on Facebook marketing - our wasted money is your gain with this 60+ page book that will without-a-doubt help your campaigns to convert. Completely new to Facebook Ads? Our guide covers everything from start to finish. Own a digital company yourself? We have resources that help all levels of online marketers. Our goal was to help people who have limited knowledge of online marketing. Our goal is to make our clients brands BE EVERYWHERE they need to in order to hit their sales goals. Do it with our guide.

March 2017 - Present
Founder, The 407 Group Orlando, FL

The 407 Group is a full service digital marketing agency. We help companies to brainstorm and strategize an online marketing campaign, which we help produce with a results-oriented approach. We also offer industry standard digital media services. The 407 Group is Orlando's newest and fastest growing digital agency, with explosive growth results and timely reporting of our proof of work. Our clients choose us so they can quit wasting money on ads that don't convert into sales.

March 2017 - Present
Founder, Zenfluencer Marketing Automation Orlando, FL

Zenfluencer Marketing Automation is a small company held within The 407 Group, Inc. which was put together for two reasons. 1. So that we can offer our customers the most cost effective solutions for managing their online marketing. & 2. To use it ourselves! It's a win-win! We own the company to pass on discounts and improve our own marketing abilities.

October 2014 – March 2017
House Gentleman, Alpha Phi & Alpha Delta Pi Tallahassee, FL

In my greek life days, I was a "house gentleman" (over-glorified kitchen boy) at not one - but two sorority houses! Part of where I learned the manners my clients speak so highly of.

March 2014 – April 2017
Co-Founder, Tails Casual Outfitters Tallahassee, FL

Fishing, surfing, and easy-going lifestyle brand brought together by both the freedoms I enjoyed growing up a passion for conserving it for the next generation.


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